Improved Design: Path of Least Resistance-- "Go with the flow and stop resisting, conduct yourself with passion and let the current take you there!"

This unique glow-in-the-dark Lichtenberg keychain hanger has your personalized engraving on the front surrounded by captured lightning! Choose your font, epoxy color and glow color. Use the special UV keychain light that is included for free with your purchase to make your keychain hanger glow at any time. The green glow is very bright and can be seen in varying light levels. The blue light is dimmer and is great for low light. We follow our exclusive 15 step process to properly prepare, burn, clean, coat, and seal the keychain to ensure longevity.

Note: All glow in the dark products use phosphorescent powder that naturally loses intensity over time after being activated by the light. This is normal for any glow in the dark products.

Keychain Hanger: Path of Least Resistance

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Epoxy Color
Epoxy "Glow" Color
  • Keychain hangers are made with 3/4" thick solid wood. They are 16" long and 6" wide.