Custom Lichtenberg Fractal Art

Order your personalized custom fractal art and choose your stain and epoxy colors! All of our products are unique due to the nature and randomness of electricity. They will not look exactly like the pictures below but the basic design will be similar between the same products.


Glow in the Dark Personalized Keychains

These unique glow in the dark keychains have Lichtenberg electrical burns on the back and your name on the front. All keychains are unique due to the nature of electricity and are shipped for free! Choose your font, epoxy color and glow color. Use the special UV keychain light that is included for free with your purchase to make your keychain glow at any time.


Keychain Gallery

A collection of our personalized keychains with varying epoxy and stain colors.

Glow Keychain Gallery

A collection of our personalized, glow-in-the-dark keychains with varying epoxy glow colors.

The first set is blue glow, second green glow, and the third purple glow.

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Choose your favorite design from below.

Zap's Favorite: Red Cherry, Blue Epoxy, Green Glow, Path of Least Resistance

Cherry Display.JPG

 Keychain Hanger

Hang your entire family's glow-in-the-dark keychains on this matching hanger! Made from thick 3/4" solid wood this beveled plaque looks great in any setting. Buy it alone or with a set of 4 keychains. Receive the 4th keychain free when you purchase $75 or more of products. Use code freekeychain in checkout to activate.


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